Maple Cream

In the proud tradition of Sortilège “Original” , Canada`s best selling Maple Spirit, we present Sortilege Maple Cream, an authentic, decadently rich, creamy taste experience.

Sortilege Maple Cream is blended to be the perfect balance of Canadian Whisky, pure Maple Syrup and fresh dairy Cream.

The exceptional result is a Canadian Cream liqueur that is completely irresistible !

Maple Cream

  • Authentic heritage recipe.
  • Expertly blended with only the highest grade all natural Canadian Maple Syrup (Canada #1 - Extra Clear).
  • Only farm fresh dairy cream is used to provide a taste that is both lusciously rich, and clean on the palate.
  • Real Canadian Whisky provides the alcohol base, delivering a silky smooth mouth feel that can only come from many years of patient barrel aging.