In the proud tradition of Sortilège “Original”, we present Sortilege Prestige, an exceptional expression of taste through the ancient art of Whisky making.

This exquisite blend has been created from only select, batch–distilled Canadian Whiskies, aged to perfection, then blended with natures finest pure Maple Syrup to create the worlds’ ultimate Maple Whisky experience !

  • Sortilege Prestige is hand crafted in small batches from an ancient recipe that brings together two of Canada’s natural treasures.
  • First , Canadian Whisky, expertly distilled from 100% Rye grain and then matured in only hand selected seasoned and new white oak barrels for a minimum of at least 7 years.
  • Second , first run Canadian Maple Syrup (#1- Extra Clear), renowned as the world’s finest and only available at the first thaw.
  • The Canadian Rye Whiskies are reviewed periodically to ensure optimum maturity prior to creating the Master Blend.
  • Once assembled a proprietary finishing process ensures the Maple Whisky is left to rest, a guarantee of perfect harmony, and perfect taste.