The Sortilege Story

Our Authentic Spirit

Sortilège is derived from an authentic recipe developed by the descendants of the first settlers of Quebec who brought Whisky making techniques to the New World and added a local native ingredient, maple syrup, to create a new and unique blended Spirit. A true expression of the rugged Canadian landscape, Sortilege follows a traditional recipe that strikes the perfect balance between the strength of Canadian Rye Whisky and the rich, golden flavours of pure Quebec Maple Syrup. Sortilege, our authentic Spirit.

Pure Maple Sap

One of the miracles of mother nature

Tapping & Collecting

The magnificent Quebec Sugar Maple is the source of the sap which is converted to Maple Syrup. Only trees with a trunk diameter of 30 cm can be “tapped” for making Maple Syrup. It takes a minimum of 30 years for a Maple tree to grow to that size. Traditionally, Sugar bush operators collected the sap buckets by hand and horse-drawn sleigh to get the sap to the Sugar Shack. Our maple season lasts from mid-March to mid-April, during the thawing of the ground after winter, but before the buds come out on the maple trees. A good maple season has warm days, but nights below freezing point. Maple sap doesn’t run during the night.

Building the Fire

In order to make the finest quality Maple Syrup, the sap must be cooked at high, steady heat until its temperature reaches 104 °C (219.2 °F).

Boiling the Sap

Building the flavour

On the same day it’s harvested, the sap is brought to a boil in flat metal pans known as evaporators. It takes on average 40L of sap to make 1L of syrup. It is the boiling process that produces the great maple flavour. Just the right amount of cooking time is critical, too much causes the sugars to caramelize and the syrup will darken and lower the grade.

Cooked to Perfection

To ensure the perfect flavour, density and colour, the sugar maker tests the batch by holding up a scoop of syrup and letting it drip, watching for “aproning” as the syrup comes off the scoop in a slow curtain or sheet. Sortilege uses only the highest grade of pure Quebec Maple Syrup (Canada Grade A—Extra Clear) which guarantees the most refined Maple flavours.

Distilling the Spirit

The Art of Whisky Making

We express our craft as Distillers by producing a Spirit that is well-known across the globe; Whisky. But not just any Whisky, Canadian Whisky, a masterpiece of blending expertise and unique aging, true craftsmanship in action—distilled by impassioned people who take genuine pride in creating what they believe to be the world's best Whisky. All our ingredients are exclusively 100% Canadian sourced, quality rye, corn, and water from pristine aquifers.

The Spirit

The Art of Whisky Making

There is great attention to detail and authenticity in our approach to making our Sortilege Whisky base. Careful distillation in a tall Column Still increases purity without stripping out essential flavours, creating a velvety texture that gently coats the palate. The result is a base Whisky that right off the still stands on its own. However through careful aging and maturing, over a minimum of 1100 days and nights, a magical transformation takes place. The rich natural flavours that are locked deep in the wood barrels impart complex flavours to the Whisky; flavours that are perfect for blending with our delicious maple syrup. Sortilege is a unique marriage, two great products that complement each other, perfectly.